Piotr Borowski

CS student exploring Web development, with algorithmic background

New webiste for a student association

Unlike in most of my university projects, this time I could solve a real-world problem.

Studnia (Well in polish) is a christian association for students from Warsaw. Every academic year there is a different group of people responsible for arranging meetings, trips and generally keeping it together (they are even called responsibles). There is also a spot for a website administrator. In the year 2018/19, to my surprise, I was asked to fulfill this role. Besides learning a bunch of web and administration stuff, it was kind of a life-changing experience.

The website I started with was a 10-year-old creation of my predecessors. Having little knowledge about web development I promised everybody that I will do something with it and haven’t done anything for over half a year. But two months before the end of my post I came across Wordpress framework, learned the basics in a few days and was able to deliver a brand new website two weeks before the “deadline”.

There were a few days of intense creative process I remember very positively. Something new and exciting for me was writing long emails to my colleagues and agreeing on what the design should look like. I also felt proud when I could add some features by editing the source code of Wordpress themes or even WP itself (I would have to pay for them otherwise). That was the first time I really appreciated the idea of the open source projects.

The day of the presentation was one of the best of my life. Friends were excited, the website was way better positioned by SEO, we started to receive much more emails with offers (and SPAM of course) and the content management became much easier. It fulfills its task to this day without any bigger flaws.

Before/After comparison:

Old version: old.dastudnia.pl

New version: dastudnia.pl